I'm an 18 year old Software Engineering student and freelance developer from Amsterdam.

A Fresh Start

For the past year or so I've been really unsatisfied with the way my personal website worked. It was made years ago with Wordpress and a simple theme and it all looked and worked a bit dated. It wasn't actually made by me as I didn't know anything about Web Development back then and just wanted a central place where I could post my photography.

Since then, my interests have changed significantly and I therefore decided to completely rebuild my website and the result is what you're looking at right now. I also want to take my personal website in an entirely different direction so I decided to remove all my posts and start from scratch. It was mostly photography anyway and I've posted all my latest shots on my 500px profile

I hope you all like the redesign; I'm not a (web) designer whatsoever so it's mostly inspired from different templates I liked. Content on here will be very different as well so I expect my audience to change quite a bit.

If you have any feedback on the new look or discover a bug, please reach out to me on social media or send me an email by clicking here. I'm still working on a pretty extensive admin panel for this website and I might show some of the cool things it supports when it's finished. That's about it really, hope you all like what's to come!